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Herbal Aid Sanda Oil 15ml – Massage Oil For Men


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Premium Saandhha ® Oiil – Special packing for UK

Saandhha Oiil Massage Oil for Men with safe Herbal Preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs. Saandhha Oil is genuine massage oil for Men.


(1)   Premium Sanda Oil should be used with caution by men who are allergic to its principal active ingredients. 

(2)   Do not apply on wound / cut skin of penis. 

(3)   Do not use water till 30 minutes after massage. 

(4) Men diagnosed with hypertension and migraine headaches should also consult their doctors prior to using Saandhha Oiil to assess suitability. 



No healing Crisis or known side effects. It contains no chemicals, Colors or preservatives. natural. No known contra-indication. 


Apply 8-10 drops of Saandhha Oiil on the penis shaft (but not on the scrotum or glans) and massage gently till fully absorbed. Massage twice a day for about 3 months. 


This product does not contain controlled drugs, petroleum derivatives or harmful chemicals. The production of this product is in a controlled manufacturing environment which has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. We use only the highest quality natural herbs & oil in producing this product. The product is safe and poses no risk to your health. An independent laboratory has tested this product for microbial activity and heavy metals.


Premium Sanda Oil Pack Of 1 – 15ml Massage Oil


We describe and promote our products in good faith. The information provided about the beneficial properties of all of our products are derived from the use and characteristics commonly attributed to it. The views expressed in the descriptions are not based on facts and benefits of our products may vary from person to person. It is always advisable to seek the opinion of a professional in the field. We are not offered as a cure for any illness, disease or disability, always read the label. We advise you to complete your own research prior to purchase, if in doubt consult your medical advisor.


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